Monday 30 March 2020


I am officially an pensioner and retired, 🎂  has taken a bit to get my head around it,but am sure I will adjust 
Saturday 14th March we set off for our holiday to Okiwi Bay, stayed in Kaikoura Saturday night with our friends son and his partner and the next morning went through to Okiwi Bay. We rented a house, so we could take our boats, so we could do some decent fishing. The house was beautiful and the views stunning

Robin and I on the deck, this is the view we looked at while on the deck with drinks and nibbles   

John and Jenny they walked past a house where there were a group of guys having a beer or two as he walked past one yelled "hey Santa

Jenny and I caught the most fish with me catching the biggest snapper ….still rather small I think, but definitely over the legal size

Robin's biggest snapper

Sunday the 22nd was departure day we were going to stay a couple of nights in Kaikoura on the way back but with the corona virus and the imminent lockdown we decided we needed to get home get some groceries before that happened
We had a great time with great friends and upon reaching home was onto the net booking the same house for next year Robin and John want a rematch for the fishing contest So I guess I might get some crafting done while we are locked down I won't be going any where and I don't mind admitting it but it is rather scaring  me