Wednesday 9 December 2015

Bird Cage

One of my favorite things to do while my husband is watching all the crap he does on TV is to get on the net and onto pinterest to get craft ideas, there are so many talented people out there
I saw the Birdcages just loved them so decided to try one.So off shopping I went...another one of my favorite things to do
So this is my attempt

This cage originally was meant to have a candle in it

The cage and all the embellishments are white

All the flowers with the exception of the carnations on the top were made by me
I put lace with ribbon threaded through around the middle tied a bow and added a embellishment that has "made with love" on it
There is lace around the top and bottom
The Bird I found in one of the cheap shops 

 The flowers were made with ribbon, kanzashi style another of my pinterest discoveries, with lace underneath them

Cut the butterflies with the Cuttle Bug

As the paint on the birdcage looked Cream against the white paint I cut a circle to cover the bottom of cage put a flower in where the candle was meant to be, could still see the the the holder part so I put lace around it and covered the bottom with smaller flowers

This will be a Christmas Gift and as I bought more than one Birdcage I will do one for myself I have a larger cage than this and as it was rather time consuming think it will be a ongoing project

Sunday 29 November 2015


Saw the idea for this on pinterest really liked it so thought I would have to make one
Took the clock up to our local jeweler and he took it apart for me
Then I had to decide what I wanted in the clock, did a few bits and pieces some I liked others I didn't and this is what I ended up with

I primed the clock and painted it pink, and not that you can really see it, I stippled the paint
I adhered the flowers,bird cage and stringed pearls so they would be visible leaving the rest on the bottom loose


Before painting the clock, I added a leafy flourish  I cut 6 of them and stacked 3 on top of each other and adhered them to the sides of the clock with white glue

 I made an assortment of flowers from card,material and lace, adding pearls and gems to some of them

I enjoyed doing this, it was a bit time consuming but its another Birthday present done and as I have another clock might have to do one for myself

Friday 20 November 2015


One of my grandsons (little Lucas) is turning 5 next month and he is right into minions and as I am a net surfer and shopper I found these minions had to buy them 
So this is what I have done with them
Used wallpaper to cover a old deep photo frame  then adhered them with the hot glue gun made the bunting on the scan and cut used bakers twine for them to hang on the adhered them to the frame with drawing pins, put dots in the corners also done on the scan and cut, I wasn't too happy with the corners so they covered them

just a few cards

Have not been able to do much crafting lately too much going on but I have managed to finish my Christmas Cards I am not going to put all of them on here... could be here for ever.
Have gone away from Santa and snowmen (with the exception of my last card one for the grand kids) as we have a summer Christmas and I thought it was about time to try something different

This one I printed music to white card then cut out the poinsettia out on the cuttlebug adhered it to white base card cut a circle out of another  scored it adhered it to card with foam  
 This one I embossed white card and adhered to white base card printed off the sentiment on the computer made this poinsettia and leaves with vellum something different for me
  This one I embossed white card distress inked edged  and adhered to brown backing paper then onto gold card cut a circle with same printed music card distressed the edges added gold thread adhered to back of gold card then onto a white base card
This one is a Santa shaped card de-coupaged  I did not use foam just glued all bits on top of each other used flower soft on his clothes

Friday 16 October 2015



Love this ribbon was rather sad when it was all gone

sketch saturday

The lamb on this card is on a spring so when the card comes out of the envelope it will wobble

Tree card for challenge

For my Husbands Birthday, Fishing under a Tree

circular card

Scallop,circle and a doily die were used for this card large circle folded in half to make a rocker card

Monday 12 October 2015

Why I have not been able to craft this week


From L to R Alex, Mason and Lucas came to our house Wednesday  and came and went through to Sunday. Thursday I thought all is quiet maybe too quiet so I went to check on them and there they were in  Nana and Pop's bed watching the cartoons.We had heaps of fun but I was pleased to see my bed at the end of the Day...without them in it

Lucas managed to do some crafting he sanded and painted on the Thursday and Friday it was just us two so we finished his projects  all of this was inspired from pinterest

 We cut two pictures  and fussy cut them adhered one to wood then covered the painted wood with modpodge plus the other van then we attached it with foam and the hot glue gun
After painting the frame we attached plastic dinosaurs, from the $2 shop, with super glue wasn't easy to do but was the only thing that stuck to both,this is for his other younger brother
What can I say about this Lucas had great fun doing this did start with long drips but then he turned the canvas this way and that bit of a mess at the bottom for me nice patterns at the top,
but he liked it and hey it is bringing out his creative side

Found the empty baubles (they are about the size of a baseball) in the $2 shop filled it with Epsom salts  Velcro dots for eyes used a sharpie to draw the nose and mouth made the ear muffs with pompoms and pipe cleaner  Lucas had great fun making this

Lucas also had a go at making a bauble with a balloon and glued string only thing is he is a bit of an impatient crafter  and against my advice decided to use my heat gun to dry popped and the string and rubber ended up in a mess so that ended up in the bin

Tomorrow it is meant to rain here so maybe its my day to craft


I have been busy covering canvases to put in the bedroom the grandchildren sleep in, I have found it is a cheap quick easy way of decorating the walls

Bought some fat 1/4s and hot glue gunned them to cheap canvases also put a few staples in the back

Had to have some from Frozen and of course planes  and trucks



My Clowns I bought from the second hand shop while on my hunt for tea cups 
I used a deep set canvas turned around so I could make then sit I covered the frame with wallpaper and hot glue gunned them to the canvas downloaded the circus tent from the net printed 2 so I could 3d the animals

The grand kids were so excited to see all the new hangings on the wall .....not much wall space left so perhaps the next ones will go home with them

Tuesday 6 October 2015

Fun Crafting

Have just spent a fabulous week with a crafty friend from the North Island, thought it was time for me to start blogging so she helped me set up this blog,
As she was at my house this time, I got to choose the crafts we would do and seeing as we mainly do cards thought it was time to try something new so here are the crafts we managed to do in between craft shopping

Managed to get some wall paper sample books that were deleted so we covered the boxes (bought from the red shop) with wallpaper then decorated them mine is the white one

Got the plaques from one of the cheap shops, the idea was to put a sentiment over the flower by  printing a  reversed sentiment done on the computer pasting the plaque then the sentiment and leaving it for 12 hours then rub the paper off with a wet finger one of us rubbed a bit to hard and had to cover it up but we were both happy with the end result

 Saw this on pinterest loved it always wanted to try it so I scoured the second hand shops for old cups and saucers  wasn't much there so found other containers then remembered had a couple of cups in my cabinet we made the pins and flowers well I tried to  couldn't quite get the knack of it so I gave up in disgust and with burnt fingers and just threw some pearls in the saucer the jug on the right is mine

 Did manage top make 3 cards this day plus I gave my friend a few tips on how to use the Scan & Cut and she showed me how to do a couple of different techniques

Found these plaques at the red shop $2.00 so the idea was to do something with spiders, the spider webs and spiderman were cut On the Scan & cut I did spiderman and we ended up swapping as we both thought they were not age appropiate for our grand children I got her to put incy wincy spider on it and my little grandson has already got his father to put it on the wall above the bed he sleeps in when he is here for a sleep over originally he wanted to take it home bit of a tantrum when I said he couldn't

 Managed to do another card using the window die and it had to be one main colour and one other mine is the red one had something else in mind for the window  but it never worked  so I ended up with this oh well one less xmas card to worry about  my friends card turned out beautifully

Did manage to do another couple of things but need to take photo's of them


Saturday 3 October 2015