Thursday 13 April 2023


 Well it has been a trying couple of months for me so have not posted for a while.

The challenge at creative knockouts is spring is in the air, not so here in NZ we are heading into Winter the image I am working with is positive vibes from Streamside Studios. 

This perhaps isn't so spring like but there was heaps to choose from I think I got side tracked

I decided to keep this one plain and simple found the crocus wreath on the net inserted the girl and sentiment inside the wreath coloured her with copics and distress inked the edges Embossed the band of card then adhered all to white base card I have not  added any more to it nor done a sentiment inside I will leave that until I decide who to give it too

Rock hunt

It's been a while since I posted on here, life got in the way

During the Christmas School Holidays we took three of the younger grandsons on a rock hunt, they were told they had to bring a water bottle sun hat and a back pack that they could carry it back to the card themselves, one got inventive  and made two trips to the car, so the other two followed his lead we loaded up the card with kids gear and food and went to the Pareora river bed which is about 30 minutes south of Temuka while driving when we went past a paddock of sheep we said what funny looking cows they were, cows were sheep pigs in their sty's were chickens horses were reindeer so we had three in the back telling us what they really were, shaking their heads thinking we were nuts one asked don't you know what they are. By this time we were at the river.

Imagine the boys delight and excitement when Pop took them to these rocks, they couldn't believe what they were seeing one thought they were from the dinosaur era, so it was up to pop to explain it all. One rock was not as old it had the conch shells and the rock was a bit green, I told the boy it wasn't a fossil must be sheep's toe nails so that is what it got named. They all had a full back pack and some loose ones in the back of the car one of the boys made his own rock garden with them and it looks good the other two didn't hear much about what the parents thought, but we had a lot of fun and a bit of a picnic

Just goes to show you don't always have to spend money to have a good time. The boys have already asked when we are going back

These rocks pictured are my rocks we are going to redo our fish pond and I am going to put them there