Wednesday 31 August 2016

Saturday sketch 427

Great sketch but I decided to make a  wall hanging instead of a card

I used a bit of MDF that I rescued from the Rubbish what my husband see's a s rubbish I see as potential craft
I covered it with wallpaper
I went to one of the wallpaper shops and got a  sample book of wallpaper that had been deleted
great for the grand children as well
I then unraveled some hessian around the edges then glued it onto card  I used PVA glue as it dries clear I also glued the unraveled edges to stop them from unraveling further  I then cut the circles with the cuttle bug
This is the lace I used to put under the hessian
After gluing
The embellishments I used
Some were bought,some cut with the cuttlebug and some with the scan n cut
The full green leaves I used a embossing tool to make the leaves more real looking
And this is the end result
The sketch was meant to have a sentiment on it but as its not a card I didn't put one one
Can't really see the lace cut outs with the photo but they are noticeable
Added some lady birds kindy glitzed the flowers
All in all I am quite pleased with how it turned out

Am putting it in the Sketch Saturday challenge

  So I have been looking at this and the more I looked I have decided that there is too much greenery, so I have cut back the leaves in the middle by the ladybird and I think it looks much better

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