Thursday 23 March 2017

doll canvas

I went to a paint and wall paper shop and asked if they had any out dated wallpaper sample books, mainly because my grand children were wanting to use my good papers when they are here crafting this way they can cut, scribble and paint to their hearts content (and I don't get upset to see my papers in the bin or cut to pieces) most wallpaper shops are happy to give the books away One of the books was for children's bedrooms and these papers were in it

The dolls are a border I used contrasting plain wallpaper first adhered it to the canvas I used double sided tape along edges and glue for the rest just to give it  a bit more stick adhered the panel to the top with DS tape and glue as well then run some washi tape to top and bottom of panel

  I then stapled the back edges  just to be sure      the wallpaper wouldn't come off

I then cut butterflies on the cuttle bug  doubled them up and adhered to canvas

 This will be a cheap way to occupy the kids in the school holidays

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