Tuesday 21 November 2017

Bird cage

Thought I would try something different other than a card.Always wanted to give book folding a try but thought it would be too complicated
 Took me about two hours to fold the book  and as the folding increases it gets a bit bulky so I had to use clips and clothes pegs to keep it all together but I got there in the end
After gluing it shut it was time to decorate
I glued the lace to top and bottom with the hot glue gun,glued in the braided ribbon for it to hang with,I made all the flowers  using three different dies  cut butterflies with a die, all on the cuttle bug glued them on with the glue gun, cut two birds on the cut n scan glued them together and sat them into the fold,glued  with the glue gun added the ladybird and charm
Am going to put this into the crafters cafe challenge


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