Monday 29 January 2018

Book Folding

I do not usually go into such detail blogging my craft but this is to give a couple of ladies an idea of how I did it
As I can't always find hard covered books I have been making my own with cardboard.
Sometimes as with this one I added extra panels to strengthen it
Scored two lines to form the spine
Covered  the outside with wallpaper
Wallpaper is good as it is strong and if you are cheeky like me you can go to your local wallpaper shop and get the sample books when the lines are deleted
And its good for the grand kids, save's our good papers

Back view
Don't worry about the creases as shown here they flatten out when book is closed
I have used double sided tape to adhere wallpaper  and you need to adhere one front first ,then the spine then the other front like covering school books OR you end up with a bit of a mess
Before  I adhered my inside wallpaper I adhered lace to the card board
one side looks a bit messy as I made a wee boob
 Next comes the fun bit
I Used a book that the page was 20 cm marked down 10 cm from top
I then cut it across
Some patterns tell you to do 100 folds but I didn't feel it was enough so instead of  ripping off the cut pieces from the spine I left it so I could fold more if needed
I did

Take the top Right hand corner and fold it to the left but only go the  column

So it should look like this

This is how it will look all folded

Position "vase" then adhered to book
This is how it looks from top

This is the Bottom

This is standing
 This is the book decorated
I forgot to take a picture of the flowers
All of them were made by me three different shapes and they all have a pearl in the centre
The ribbon is purely for decoration the book keeps it's shape by gluing the first and last pages to the wallpaper
Not too sure if I will put the extra flowers on the bottom

The actual folding of the book took about ten - fifteen minutes The decorating took a couple of days
But I enjoyed doing it and will be doing more

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