Monday 21 October 2019

School Holidays

My grandchildren come and spend time with us in the school holidays and most of them like to craft with me  Mason who is seven is right into it at the moment but they are creations as he calls them, so we did quite a bit of creating, The thing he treasured the most was his snowman who got named spotty, We got 2 polystyrene balls  and Mason put some toothpicks in between the 2 and I hot glued them together then we got a oldish pair of my socks, one sock was for the hat the other his body the band of one sock was for the band of the hat, the bit cut off was turned inside out and I did a running stitch to gather it in then turned it back and added a wee pompom, not that you can see it, I did the gluing Mason put it into place then found some green rik rac ribbon so tht went onto the band. The other band of the sock was hot glued to the neck and where it was cut off at the bottom was sewn flat, Two pompom's were used for his arms, Mason did his face with copics the orange is meant to be his nose, I also cut a round circle to put on bottom of the snowman just to make him sit flat, we then covered a wee box with green BP stuck a ribbon on the box, added gold bow to the side so when it sits on the mantle it will hang over 
Took us a while to do but Mason was so proud of it that spotty went to bed with him that night, I had visions of it breaking, but I must of glued it real good. It was the first thing he showed his parents when I took him home. I am sure they cringe when they see him coming with a bag full of his creations

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