Friday, 24 April 2020


Beccy's challenge this month was for this lovely blossom
Printed two blossoms one to colour and one to put underneath to hide the copics  that bled through the card

Printed both sides of the card as I folded the base in half and cut the front part in half, then half again, I then adhered part of the top of the blossom to the top half of the card with double sided tape and adhered the bottom part the same way. So the middle of the card is floating 

I then stamped the sentiment with green distress ink and because I am a bit of a messy crafter  I accidentally stamped some of the blossom I did think of redoing it but thought it looked ok  so I got my stamp with the writing on and stamped it with the green ink as well so was pleased with it in the end
Just shows you that you can always do something with a mistake
Am entering in 

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