Sunday 13 December 2020

My craft Room

 At long last my craft room is back in use. We have re carpeted our house, so my husband, Robin decided to give my room a spruce up first. So it took me about three weeks to empty everything into the garage, and I had a good sort out while I was at it.I  threw a lot of junk out. I am a crafter so therefore a hoarder but honestly I did have a lot of rubbish. I was just pleased Robin was away for those three weeks so I could do it myself. There are just some things a man should not do So my room is in use again just as well as I have a my grandson Alex staying with me for about four to five days while his mum is still at work.

My Empty craftroom

My stash in the kids bedroom the beds have not been put back up yet didn't know where they would go at that time

Changed my desk it is now facing out to the drive way instead of the street has made the room feel a lot bigger

These shelves were in the corner (where the scan n cut is) on top of each other so had Robin put them on the wall rather pleased with them like that

A couple of bins with all my card and  some of my backing papers  fit  snugly behind me under the window 

Then the cupboard is beside that with my ribbon rack attached to the side.
The cupboard has been turned around as well

All done now, got new curtains as well also got a continuous track made so I can completely close the curtains so now I don't have to sit with the sun in my eyes


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