Thursday 7 October 2021

I like many others I am sure do not like making condolence cards. This is for a lovely man who was confined to a wheelchair after having a stroke many years ago and he will be missed by his family and friends I have done this card a little different

I started with a black base of 28 cm x 15 cm then cut the white card  26 cm x 14 size is irrelevant can be any size you want. I printed the sentiment onto the card before cutting.

I then cut the black cards spine 14 cm about 1/2 cm from the two top edges here you can see the tape lines

Here is two views inserting the card through the slit


Once I had the cards fitted I adhered the top and inside of card together so as to reinforce the whole card.
So then I decorated it  I made all the flowers and leaves with one of my dies, made the angel and then put ribbon around it

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