Tuesday 6 October 2015

Fun Crafting

Have just spent a fabulous week with a crafty friend from the North Island, thought it was time for me to start blogging so she helped me set up this blog,
As she was at my house this time, I got to choose the crafts we would do and seeing as we mainly do cards thought it was time to try something new so here are the crafts we managed to do in between craft shopping

Managed to get some wall paper sample books that were deleted so we covered the boxes (bought from the red shop) with wallpaper then decorated them mine is the white one

Got the plaques from one of the cheap shops, the idea was to put a sentiment over the flower by  printing a  reversed sentiment done on the computer pasting the plaque then the sentiment and leaving it for 12 hours then rub the paper off with a wet finger one of us rubbed a bit to hard and had to cover it up but we were both happy with the end result

 Saw this on pinterest loved it always wanted to try it so I scoured the second hand shops for old cups and saucers  wasn't much there so found other containers then remembered had a couple of cups in my cabinet we made the pins and flowers well I tried to  couldn't quite get the knack of it so I gave up in disgust and with burnt fingers and just threw some pearls in the saucer the jug on the right is mine

 Did manage top make 3 cards this day plus I gave my friend a few tips on how to use the Scan & Cut and she showed me how to do a couple of different techniques

Found these plaques at the red shop $2.00 so the idea was to do something with spiders, the spider webs and spiderman were cut On the Scan & cut I did spiderman and we ended up swapping as we both thought they were not age appropiate for our grand children I got her to put incy wincy spider on it and my little grandson has already got his father to put it on the wall above the bed he sleeps in when he is here for a sleep over originally he wanted to take it home bit of a tantrum when I said he couldn't

 Managed to do another card using the window die and it had to be one main colour and one other mine is the red one had something else in mind for the window  but it never worked  so I ended up with this oh well one less xmas card to worry about  my friends card turned out beautifully

Did manage to do another couple of things but need to take photo's of them


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