Monday 12 October 2015

Why I have not been able to craft this week


From L to R Alex, Mason and Lucas came to our house Wednesday  and came and went through to Sunday. Thursday I thought all is quiet maybe too quiet so I went to check on them and there they were in  Nana and Pop's bed watching the cartoons.We had heaps of fun but I was pleased to see my bed at the end of the Day...without them in it

Lucas managed to do some crafting he sanded and painted on the Thursday and Friday it was just us two so we finished his projects  all of this was inspired from pinterest

 We cut two pictures  and fussy cut them adhered one to wood then covered the painted wood with modpodge plus the other van then we attached it with foam and the hot glue gun
After painting the frame we attached plastic dinosaurs, from the $2 shop, with super glue wasn't easy to do but was the only thing that stuck to both,this is for his other younger brother
What can I say about this Lucas had great fun doing this did start with long drips but then he turned the canvas this way and that bit of a mess at the bottom for me nice patterns at the top,
but he liked it and hey it is bringing out his creative side

Found the empty baubles (they are about the size of a baseball) in the $2 shop filled it with Epsom salts  Velcro dots for eyes used a sharpie to draw the nose and mouth made the ear muffs with pompoms and pipe cleaner  Lucas had great fun making this

Lucas also had a go at making a bauble with a balloon and glued string only thing is he is a bit of an impatient crafter  and against my advice decided to use my heat gun to dry popped and the string and rubber ended up in a mess so that ended up in the bin

Tomorrow it is meant to rain here so maybe its my day to craft

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