Sunday 29 November 2015


Saw the idea for this on pinterest really liked it so thought I would have to make one
Took the clock up to our local jeweler and he took it apart for me
Then I had to decide what I wanted in the clock, did a few bits and pieces some I liked others I didn't and this is what I ended up with

I primed the clock and painted it pink, and not that you can really see it, I stippled the paint
I adhered the flowers,bird cage and stringed pearls so they would be visible leaving the rest on the bottom loose


Before painting the clock, I added a leafy flourish  I cut 6 of them and stacked 3 on top of each other and adhered them to the sides of the clock with white glue

 I made an assortment of flowers from card,material and lace, adding pearls and gems to some of them

I enjoyed doing this, it was a bit time consuming but its another Birthday present done and as I have another clock might have to do one for myself

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