Wednesday 9 December 2015

Bird Cage

One of my favorite things to do while my husband is watching all the crap he does on TV is to get on the net and onto pinterest to get craft ideas, there are so many talented people out there
I saw the Birdcages just loved them so decided to try one.So off shopping I went...another one of my favorite things to do
So this is my attempt

This cage originally was meant to have a candle in it

The cage and all the embellishments are white

All the flowers with the exception of the carnations on the top were made by me
I put lace with ribbon threaded through around the middle tied a bow and added a embellishment that has "made with love" on it
There is lace around the top and bottom
The Bird I found in one of the cheap shops 

 The flowers were made with ribbon, kanzashi style another of my pinterest discoveries, with lace underneath them

Cut the butterflies with the Cuttle Bug

As the paint on the birdcage looked Cream against the white paint I cut a circle to cover the bottom of cage put a flower in where the candle was meant to be, could still see the the the holder part so I put lace around it and covered the bottom with smaller flowers

This will be a Christmas Gift and as I bought more than one Birdcage I will do one for myself I have a larger cage than this and as it was rather time consuming think it will be a ongoing project

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