Saturday 15 February 2020

The Box

I bought this box a few years ago thinking I can do something with this,after shifting it around my craft room a few times I finally got around to it.The drawers were different colours so I sanded them back to bare wood and then sanded the rest

I then undercoated it all even the insides of the drawers

and lined them with scented paper

covered it all with a white spider lace....not that it is all that noticeable

Had to buy the wee handles from china couldn't find any around my area

They were inexpensive sturdy with 6 to a pack so more for another project perhaps

Added flower lace to the top edges of the drawers adhered a pearl in each center

Made the flower with 3 different  lace's and adhered a embellishment brooch in the center. Used thin ribbon and sewed embellishments on also a string of pearl ribbon, adhered to bottom of flower then adhered to the top. Added pearl ribbon to the key tied a bow with spider lace and adhered to the box

The box took a few weeks to make ... waiting for bits to dry,I am happy with how it turned out although I don't know about it being all white, maybe when I decide who I am giving this to I could add a hint of colour

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