Thursday 27 October 2022


 This week at creative knockouts is anything but a square my image to use was Rudy The image was from  leanns .world she has some lovely digital stamps. So I decided as it was getting nearer to Christmas I would do something different .... Not a Card this time and this is what I ended up with

I had a hard job taking a photo of Rudy as I wanted to show it hanging but I finally got one that I was happy with. After  a bit of resizing and when I figured out how big I wanted Rudy to be ,I made a mirror image of it printed it out then cut them out with the scan n cut, I then got too and coloured them with copics,  I made three of them, took a bit of time for them to dry before I got to recolour them I then glued them together and once they were all dry I laminated them this one I punched two holes in the top and threaded thin gold ribbon through it so it could hang up I have also printed and cut out 12 more in various sizes because I know my grandchildren will want to make one when they see this

So here is the three I have done you can see how I have made the mirror image by the side the tail is on  I have not put thread on the other two they might end up on a card or on a tree at one of the grandchildren's house
The sizes of the Reindeer are

Large 21 cm
Med   14cm
Small 12 cm


  1. What clever use of the image Jude, and a great finished project - I can well imagine the grandies would want to 'make' their own

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