Wednesday 26 August 2020

Alex's Creation

 I pick my grandson Alex up twice a week after school and we have a routine food, homework, game or puzzle then computer. He would be on the computer all the time if he had his way but being the responsible Nana 😉 I only let him on for about 15 minutes before his mum comes to pick him up. So we were looking through Pinterest at things we could do (I have a folder with projects for the grandchildren) and he decided he could do this

So Alex was to find some pine cones from his place they have a 10 acre life style block. Pop found us this neat piece of bark. The bark was left to dry on top of the coal range and Alex came last week with the cones

So yesterday we hot glued the sticks to the bark then some rope ribbon with leaves on onto the bark, then the pine cones then came the googly eyes the round things on the bark is the cones before they grew                                                          The pine cones were to represent him and his mum and dad the two dogs the two cats  and the 5 round ones are the chickens, the cow's and sheep are still in the paddock

And here he is so proud of his creation, his mum loved it (so she said)  So for our next project we are off to the beach for some big stones we are going to paint

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